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Privacy Policy

Privcy Policy

Last updated – December 2023

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The Campus Hospitality Managers' Association ("CHMA" or "we") take your privacy seriously. We have created this privacy policy in an effort to respect your privacy and protect your personal information. This privacy policy is incorporated and is part of the Terms and Conditions of Use of our website and all related and events. If you have any questions, please contact our general board of directors coordinator by email

Information Collection Voluntary

When you use our services, website, membership pages, association forum or download the association membership app through the platform used in connection to the website, you are agreeing to this privacy policy. 


  • Membership or user contact information is provided voluntarily. We will only use personal information that you provide to us, your name, your email, your employer's name, job title, mailing/billing address, telephone number and photograph or avatar. This information is necessary to access the website and member-only secure pages, but not limited to; membership, events, meetings, conferences, educational programs, online forums. You may decline to share your personal information with other members. You may decline to share your personal information with us, which may limite certain aspects of our services to you.

  • Payment information. If you choose to purchase a product or service, we use a third-party payment processor to secure your payment information, including but not limited to; your credit card number, card verification value (CVV) and expiration date. At no time do we have access to your credit card information. 


Information Collected Automatically


  • Your web browser or mobile device may automatically provide information when you visit the website, including but not limited to; your Internet Protocol (IP) address, or unique identifiers.

  • Cookies; These are stored pieces of information on your computer or device that are tied to information about you as a user. They are designed to provide a better navigational experience through websites and may included things suce as; saved passwords, page views etc. You control your own settings. You can set your computer or device to disable cookies or to alert you when cookies are being used. If you choose to disable cookies, some website may not function properly.

  • Log or Cached files. These store website information and images and from time to time should be updated. These files can also be used to analyze trends, track events and users' movement on the website

  • We use Google Analytics and tags: Google Privacy Policy


Information Sharing

Personal information will not be shared outside of the association. Your information may be given to a third-party to complete a specific business transaction on behalf of the association. Such transitions may include:


  • Your name and contact information, as voluntarily provided to the My Profile membership forum, may be shared with other forum members or develop a networking or business relationship. We are not responsible for members' profile pages or misuse of your personal information

  • Your name and contact information, as provided on the My Profile membership forum, may appear in attendee lists and delegate information resources for events, meetings and conferences. This information may be visible to other attendees. We are not responsible for the misuse of your personal information by sponsors, associate partners, or the like

  • We may disclose your information if we become subject to an order by law enforcement or the court. If we believe such disclosure is necessary to protect the safety or well-being of any person

  • If all or part of the association is merged into another entity, we may transfer the personal information you provided to us to such entity as part of that transaction


Expected Communications


  • As part of the forum you may receive notifications or email communications as such. It is important to ensure that your member profile is up-to-date and you have confirmed your opt-in status to receive these notifications. If not, you may not have full access to all services offered

  • If you subscribe to our eNews communications and marketing information, you are in full control and can unsubscribe at anytime



If you have any questions or concerns about this Privacy Policy or how we process personal information, or if you would like to ask to remove your personal information, please contact us at:

Campus Hospitality Managers' Association (CHMA)

Tems and Conditions



In the membership agreement the following are express or implied to as our Standard Terms and Conditions. Subject to payment of the annual Membership Fee ("Member," "Membership," "School-Member," or "Members") and compliance with th tems of the Membership Agreement and Code of Conduct, CHMA will provide the Membership Services during the Member Period.


  • You must be at least 18 years of age to register on behalf of your school and must be employed by a Canadian post-secondary institution or related student body association/organization

  • Only one (1) membership is required per school

  • Membership services are as outlined on the website and are subject to change annually with limited notice to active membership

  • Membership fees are payable in full in advance of the Membership Start Date and are annual, to be renewed on or before each May 1st

  • All pricing plan subscriptions will auto-renew until canceled and are in full control of the registered lead contact at each school

  • CHMA will issue the Member with an invoice for the Membership Fees on or around the date of this Membership Agreement, or when requested

  • Members can renew or apply for auto renewal directly in their My Profile account

  • CHMA reserves the right to delay access to services until the Membership fees have been received in full and funds cleared

  • If the Member wishes to increase the number of permitted users of the Membership, they must notify CHMA in advance for consideration and approval

  • Members are responsible to ensure their team access and accounts are kept in good standing and updated with-in 15 days of staff changes. CHMA can remove access to those individuals who are no longer employed by the Membership-School

  • Taxes - All taxes under the Membership Agreement are based on the province of Ontario, Canada

  • Refunds - You may cancel at any time. Memberships are non-refundable. Memberships can be transferred only to another employee residing at the same school or employer address. All transfers requests must be made in writing

  • Expiry - Upon expiry of this Membership agreement, Members will loose access to CHMA services

  • Termination - CHMA reserves the right to terminate user, member, or account access at anytime. If the other party commits a breach of any of the terms, or code of conduct. If the Member becomes a competitor of CHMA, immediate termination without written notice


Each party undertakes to the other that it will treat information shared and resources confidential as per the terms of this Membership Agreement. CHMA bears no liability for any losses arising out of any delay or failure in the performance of its obligations and services under this agreement due to events beyond its control. If any such force majeure event continues for a period of more han one month either party may terminate this Membership Agreement by written notice to the other party without prejudice to the rights of the parties. 

Code of Conduct



All attendees, members, speakers, sponsors, partners, and volunteers at our conferences, events (in-person or virtual) are required to read and agree to the following code of conduct. The CHMA Board of Directors will enforce this code throughout the event(s). We expect all to cooperate to ensure we help provide a safe place for everybody. By using the forum, you are also in agreement to the same code of conduct.

Event refund policy. There are no refunds. Name changes are always accepted. For conferences please advise the host 1-week prior to the event start date. If you have any concerns or questions or need accommodations, please let a board member know.

A full version will be provided prior to the event/conference, here is the short version:


  • Treat each other with respect and consideration

  • Harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of gender, gender identity, expression of interest, age, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, ethnicity, religion (or lack thereof), technology choices, or dress

  • Zero-tolerance policy

  • Sexual language, gestures, imagery is not appropriate for any event or online forum. Including language, talks, workshops, parties, after-parties, social media, direct messaging, or other communication forms. Members violating these rules may be expelled from the event, conference, forum, or website without a refund at the full discretion of the CHMA Board of Directors or conference host/organizers

  • No photo policy. It is to be noted that speakers, sponsors, attendees, and other Members may not wish to have their photo or video taken and shared on social media. Consent is required. Please be mindful when recording or taking photos during any CHMA organized event

  • Confidential information. It is understood that information shared on the Members-only forum and resource reference library are intended for internal purposes only for Members. Please do not share information or personal contact information outside of the association

  • If you are being harassed, notice someone else being harassed, or have any concerns, please contact a CHMA Board Member or conference host/organizer immediately. Staff can be identified on our website or by wearing branded badges at the event or can be reached directly by email:


Trent University Conference and Hospitality Services seek to provide each guest in our residences with a comfortable and enjoyable environment which will allow for the best possible conditions for everyone. Operating as a hotel during the spring and summer months, certain standards of behavior are expected from our guests. This Code of Conduct reflects the minimum expectations.

Quiet Hours: To minimize the disturbance of other guests, quiet hours are between 11:00 pm and 7:00 am. Music is not to be played at an unreasonable level at any hour. Noise levels of any kind should never rise to a point that is audible in neighboring rooms, in the corridors, or in the common areas of the building.


Drugs: The use of illegal drugs will not be tolerated.


Alcohol: Alcohol consumption is to be kept within your residence room or common room only and by persons of legal drinking age. Only non-breakable containers i.e. can or plastic glasses please. Staff may confiscate alcohol from guests if found to be in public spaces such as hallways, lobbies or parking areas.

Smoking: Residences and all other campus buildings are smoke-free. Smoking is permitted in designated smoking areas outside campus buildings. Smoking tobacco, cannabis or electronic cigarettes (vaping) is permitted only in designated smoking areas.

Cleanliness: Each guest is responsible for their rental unit. Guests are to respect the fact that items in the common areas, such as food and beverages found in the refrigerator, may belong to other guests. Upon departure, guests are responsible for removing ALL personal food items from the common area. Please keep the common areas in a clean and appropriate manner. Guest rooms are cleaned at the end of each stay. Additional towels, toilet paper etc. are available at the front desk.


Damages: Each guest is solely responsible for any damage and loss of university property caused by his/her actions or neglect. All charges for damages and loss of university property will be itemized by room number and/or guest name and sent to guest for payment. Theft of any kind will not be tolerated. Furniture and other items must not be removed from the units and are to remain intact at all times.

Lost Keys/access cards: Lost keys/access cards pose a significant security risk to our resident students. If a key is lost, in order to ensure the safety of students living in residence, we must change the complete lockset; therefore, a $140.00 fee is charged to the guest upon checkout to cover the cost of these changes if the key is not returned. If the key is returned within 24 hours the charge will be rebated. If an access card is lost, a $10.00 replacement cost will be charged. All keys must be returned to the Conference Office, or designated checkout area, where guests will be asked to verify the return of their key by initiating the registration card before a guest’s departure.

Fire: Each guest is responsible for taking note of emergency escape routes in case of a fire alarm. All guests are expected to evacuate the building in a timely manner should there be a fire alarm. Tampering with fire and emergency equipment will not only result in immediate expulsion from residence but could also result in criminal charges laid by the City of Peterborough.


Pets: Pets are not permitted in the building with the exception of service animals. Guests who bring service animals into residence must advise in advance and have proper certification documents with them upon check-in.


Bikes: Bike racks are provided for the guests to use outside the main entrance to the building. We urge you to provide a secure and strong lock for your bike. We are not responsible for your personal property.


Parking: Parking is included in the nightly rates. (One vehicle per room/suite reserved).


Other: Cleats, rollerblades and scooters are not permitted in the halls and common areas of the building.

Payment, Refunds and Name Changes Cancellations: Room charges or damages will be your responsibility. If CHMA is charged and invoice will be sent to your school with a $100 admin fee added to the today charge from Trent University. No refunds will be processed for early departures or removal from the property. Cancelations or Name Changes can not made after  3-weeks prior to the conference. If you have an emergency situation please contact

Registration: Check-in and out times will be confirmed based on the Conference Agenda and Booking Agreement. A $25.00 surcharge will apply for check-ins after 10 pm.

We expect all Members, participants, attendees, volunteers, staff, board members to follow the same policies and protocols as they are expected to as they would conduct themselves on their own campuses as employees of a Canadian post-secondary institution or business operating in Canada.

CHMA reserves the right to change these policies at any time, without notice.


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