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CHMA is a network of experienced campus leaders & professionals supporting student-led service centres across Canada. By joining the association your school can benefit from an experienced network, co-op buying, collaborative programs, and professional growth where full-time staff are retained and supported.

  • School-Membership

    Every year
    School-Wide Membership
    • Annual fee (each May 1st)
    • Early bird and VIP pricing for the conferences & events
    • Peer-to-Peer networking & sharing platform
    • F&B events and professional development resources
    • Access to CHMA eNews newsletter
    • Access to Member templates
    • Access to Associate Partners directory & exclusive offers


CHMA strives to meet the needs of our members and provided resources and supports to all. Your membership is schoo-wide and allows access for your team (up to 10 staff) full access to all the benefits of the CHMA peer-network. If you operate or manage a student-led association, food centre, food bank, store, coffee shop, grab'n go, delivery, restaurant, food truck, franchise, event venue, catering, or a hospitality initiative, join us!


Professional development, community, campus jobs and news.


Connect with members, build relationships, do business, learn and share resources.


Webinars, regional chapter networking and Annual National Conference.

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